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At Munger Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc. we offer comprehensive assistance to serve all of your prosthetic and orthotic needs. 

Please view our extended services list below, and call us at 907-743-9991 with any questions about how we can help you.
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We offer a full range of products and services for our prosthetic patients. If you have any questions about the type of prosthetic to best suit your needs, please feel to contact us for advice and fittings. In addition, we provide education and counseling to make sure you are optimizing the use of your prosthesis. We provide: Client education and pre-surgical counseling 
  • Conventional and Myoelectric Upper Extremity prostheses 
  • Above and Below Knee prostheses 
  • Sports and shower prostheses 
  • Ultra-lightweight / geriatric prostheses 
  • Micro-processor knees such as the C-Leg, Rheo and Plie II


Experience the difference that the right orthotic can make for your lifestyle. We know the choices can be overwhelming, so we are here to help you understand what options are available to you and which device can best suit your needs. We offer: 
  • Lower limb AFO’s and KAFO’s 
  • Stance control orthotic knee joints for KAFO’s 
  • Upper and Lower Extremity splints / bracing / soft goods 
  • Fracture Orthoses – femoral, tibial, humeral, ulnar and radial 
  • Spinal Orthoses – custom and non-custom including scoliosis braces and hyperextension designs 
  • Cervical orthoses 
  • Pediatric orthoses 
  • Neuropathy off-loading options 
  • Foot orthoses – Arch supports / Diabetic shoes
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